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Sam Jones - Live In Europe 2015-2016 (limited edition CD album with bonus tracks)

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Sam Jones - Live In Europe 2015-2016

This collection of mobile phone recordings was made at small venues across Europe. All the tracks were picked from performances made during the 1st European Tour in April 2016 as well as a couple of Belgium gigs & warm up shows which took place in London.

The last 2 years has seen Sam Jones make the transition from a recording artist playing the occational gig, to a travelling live solo act. As a result this album includes several tracks which have not yet been given the studio treatment & gives an incling to the style of his upcoming official debut album.

As the album's original concept was solely for upload on Soundcloud (to promote his 2nd European Tour in October/November 2016) it has been limited to just 50 copies on CD, which were on sale before & during the tour. The CD also features 4 additional bonus tracks recorded on a multitrack cassette recorder during summer 2016.

Listen on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/samjonesband/liveineurope

The album in its entirety has now been removed from Soundcloud although specific tracks are still available to hear.

Track listing:

1. Fire In The Rain (Artliners, Berlin DE)
2. Woman Gone (Wiel's Renard Noir, Brussels BE)
3. Hell’s Bank Note # (Music Lab, Brno CZ)
4. Famous Last Words + (Wiel's Renard Noir, Brussels BE)
5. These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ (The Boogaloo, London UK)
6. Boredom Drug (Wiel's Renard Noir, Brussels BE)
7. Killer In June (Wild Rover Irish Pub, Manzolino IT)
8. Jesus Doesn’t Want Me For A Sunbeam (Wiel's Renard Noir, Brussels BE)
9. Somebody’s Somebody (Music Lab, Brno CZ)
10. The Walker (Café Kafka, Brussels BE)
11. When The Howling Wind Comes Back (The Boogaloo, London UK)
12. On My Way (Café Kafka, Brussels BE)
13. December’s Child (Artliners, Berlin DE)
14. Looking Back (Taverne De Met, Overijse BE)
15. Gotta Tell Me (The Boogaloo, London UK)
16. Hit The Floor # (Music Lab, Brno CZ)

Bonus tracks:

17. Trigger Red (music only) *
18. Under Glass *
19. Falling Down *
20. On My Way *

+ Belinda De Bruyn - vocals
# Bartosz Walos - harmonica

* 4 TRACK DEMOS Recorded at Creation Studios, London June-July 2016

Cover photo & design: Sam Jones


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