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Sam Jones - Retrospective: Deluxe (2019)



Notable contributors to this album include Charlie Harper of UK Subs, Brian James of The Damned, PJ of Anti-Nowhere League, Malcolm Joseph of Grace Jones band, Robbie Kelman of The Dripping Lips, Richard Marcangelo of Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Danny Ward of Gengahr & Tony Piper of Vice Squad.

This deluxe edition features 5 live bonus tracks performed by Sam Jones in his current band Angry Town.

1. Under Glass*
2. Hit The Floor
3. Fire In The Rain
4. Pay Your Dues
5. Looking Back*
6. Hot Cold Baby
7. The Way She Is
8. Out On The Road
9. Walking In The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death
10. Boredom Drug
11. Nightgirl
12. Gothi
13. Hell’s Bank Note*
14. I’m Down When She’s Down
15. Black River
16. Let Me Go
17. The Walker*
18. Ghost Of Eve
19. Where The Wild Wind Goes
20. Dark Arches

* Not included on first edition of album

Deluxe tracks:

21. Hit The Floor (live)
22. Pay Your Dues (live)
23. The Way She Is (live)
24. Out On The Road (live)
25. The Walker (live)

All tracks written & produced by Sam Jones

Except track 3 produced by Brian James, tracks 4, 11, 15 produced by Malcolm Joseph, track 19 produced by Robbie Kelman

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Cover photo: Tom Oldfield
Cover design: Sam Jones


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